Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Do we need a Second Screen?

Reports show that traditional viewing is experiencing a rapid decline. According to “Digital Video and the Connected Consumer,” viewership of long-form TV and movie content on an actual TV screen has declined by 13% globally over the past year (2015) and by 11% in the United States. Even sports viewing – usually unassailable when discussing TV numbers – have experienced a 10% decline globally and 9% in the United States. Quite clearly the UK is following these treand. “We are seeing a definitive pendulum shift away from traditional TV viewing,” said Gavin Mann, Accenture’s global broadcast industry lead.

“TV shows and movies are now a viewing staple on mobile devices of all shapes and sizes, thanks to improved streaming and longer battery life. The second screen viewing experience is where the content creators, broadcasters and programmers will succeed or fail.”

What can HYDRA do?

Syncronise to any broadcast - Live or Pre-recorded, TV or Radio, Catch-up, Online or DVD - and deliver "app like" features to any HTML5 device.

Use HYDRA to engage your audience. Connect with them and build a brand loyalty.

How does HYDRA work?

HYDRA uses various methods to create cues it can follow from any broadcast.

Any video can be used as a cue source. And when HYDRA receives the cues it delivers the specified content in any format you require.

How much does HYDRA cost?

HYDRA is in BETA mode and currently is available free of charge.

What should I do next?

Check out the demonstrations then contact us to discuss your requirments.

We are building up real world uses of HYDRA so contact us to see if you qualify for free use.


  • Live.
  • Repeats.
  • Recorded.
  • Catch-up.
  • Recorded.
  • Online Video.