Broadcasters Engage Your Audience
by Delivering Synchronised Second Screen Content

Easy to create, no need for apps. Deliver any web content "in-sync"
Supports; Live, Repeats, Pre-Recorded, Satelite, Terrestrial and Online Catch-up Video.
Engage your audience in the show with Synchronised Quizes and Polls and Background Information.
Suitable for TV, Radio, DVD and Online broadcasts.

What is a Second Screen?

A second screen is a second electronic device used by television viewers to connect to a program they're watching. A second screen is often a smartphone or tablet, where a special complementary app may allow the viewer to interact with a television program in a different way - the tablet or smartphone becomes a TV companion device. The second screen phenomenon represents an attempt to make TV more interactive for viewers, and help promote social buzz around specific programs. A second screen is also known as a companion device.

What can a Second Screen Do?

The use of second screens or companion devices or applications is something that many are talking about in today’s broadcasting industry, where new display options, such as tablets and smartphones, are revolutionizing the way businesses think about digital media. A second screen allows for viewer interaction. For example, some of these secondary displays could enable real-time chat about visual broadcasts, such as news or current event broadcasts. Second screens also can help shape how businesses reach customers, and how consumers use state-of-the-art technologies in an increasingly digital world. The use of second-screen broadcasts also coexists with the emergence of portable data delivery through cloud-based software systems, along with other ways of getting content over wireless platforms directly to a customer’s device.

Is it for you?

There are few limits to what you can do on the second screen. If getting people talking about your brand is a goal, getting people taking action is practically the holy grail. Take the app that Dominos created to accompany The X Factor. The expertly executed app allows users to connect, vote for their favourite singers and … order Dominos pizza. Second screen marketing at its best. Now you can easiliy create Synchronised second screen content for delivery with Live, Pre-recorded Broadcast TV and Radio as well as Online Catch-Up and Internet Video.

HYDRA Delivers Your Second Screen Easily

No expensive apps to be written and no geeks to clutter up the office.
Hydra syncronises and delivers normal web based content direct to any HTML5/Internet enabled device. HYDRA can sync with ANY broadcast. LIVE or Pre-recorded, cable, terrestrial, satelite and even DVD.

  • Supports Youtube

    Deliver your second screen content Synchronised to any Youtube video.
    Plus of course, HYDRA also supports Broadcast TV and Radio, DVD and any online Catch-Up service.

  • Easy Code

    No apps, No geeks.
    Now anyone can create second screen content.

  • Supports Radio

    Supports live Radio Broadcasts
    And LIVE Seminars!

  • You'll love HYDRA

    So will your audience. Capture their interest and capture brand loyalty.

  • Made in England

    Designed and Written in the UK.
    Full support and assistance provided.

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