"Expresso is very inventive,
amusing and entertaining!"
Richard D Zanuck

The Zanuck Company.  Beverly Hills.
 ( The former vice president at 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros.)



Director, Producer, Editor and Screenplay:

Kevin Powis

Kevin formed the film production company, Lastindependent.com, in 2003 and since that time has managed to effectively merge drama productions with commercial work. He regularly directs and writes in both fields.

Kevin enjoys the technical side of film making and since 2003, he has been writing, editing, directing and producing as well as creating CGI special effects. He is also researching and developing specialised tools for the production of advanced true interactive video, where the viewer can interact with the plot, currently this is finding outlets in his commercial work.

In 2005 Kevin first teamed with Martin Nigel Davey on XK7218 - a short prison drama, written by Martin Nigel Davey, which has subsequently screened at festivals in the UK and featured on BBC Big Screen.

Kevin was recently interviewed by the BBC Black Country Web site, regarding Expresso. READ BBC INTERVIEW

Kevin Powis Official Site:www.Lastindependent.com


Writer, Producer, Casting:

Martin Nigel Davey

Martin has written many short films mostly about human nature and the way we all cope with life, when its going well and when it isn't! His films just sat in a notebook while he was gaining other acting roles.

In 2005 he showed his prison script to Kevin Powis and they made 'XK7218' about a prisoner. The film went on to do very well. Martin also wrote and produced 'No Regrets' with director Philip Pugh about a old solider thinking back about his life.  Martin and Kevin Powis teamed up again to produce 'Expresso' - but both had to call on most of their contacts in the film world to get the project made, they were delighted with the response, help and support that the Midland film world gave them.

Martin is now developing another two short films, a feature film and a stage production.

Martin was recently interviewed by BBC Radio WM and BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester, regarding Expresso. These will be available to download from this site shortly.

Martin Nigel Davey Official site: www.MartinNigelDavey.co.uk